The Story Of An Owl

The Story Of An Owl

Back in 2011, when I was in the process of launching my business, I was trying to build a brand identity and like any startup it was very confusing to make the logo and color scheme of the company. Since initially the focus was on designing products and processes, we didn't give too much attention to the brand and just started working as a brand under my name. Later in the year when we built some customer base and decided to register the company, we decided to build a proper branding strategy.  

The idea of an owl as a logo came unexpectedly, as in early days I would spend hours late in the night working on new designs and build my company as a side project while working for my family business full time during the day. Often, I would reach my family business office very late and would get in trouble for it. I was constantly commented on and advised by my family and colleagues against working late in the night and being late to work. I was labeled as a “night owl” and was actively discouraged to even work on this project as it was getting in the way of my job. This label of ‘night owl’ gave birth to the idea of using owl as our symbol. It not only represented my odd working hours but also acted as a constant reminder of what it was taking to build my own business at the time.

Though owl has a negative connotation in Pakistan which is one of the two countries (Canada, Pakistan) we operate in, but this very point also made it easy for people to remember the company logo as it always raised a question in their minds, why an owl? And hence every one remembered. For us it was simply about what it meant, reminded us and what an owl symbolizes; inner wisdom, change, transformation, intuitive development, good luck, and self-actualization.

Over the years, just like any growing company, our logo also evolved. We changed the fonts, the colors and the size of it multiple times but what has remained constant, is the owl.

Ahmed Ilyas
Founder & Creative Director
Hammer & Smith | Design Studio