Our studio is where all the magic happens. It serves as a production facility, a showroom and above everything a gathering place for the creative heads and craftsmen. Our studio space is small by any standards but it serves the purpose flawlessly. By having production, display and sales under one roof the studio create a sense of oneness between all the members. It promotes effectiveness in all our processes starting from design all the way to sales of our products. We have designed our studio space by keeping productivity and collaboration in mind. Our designer, craftsmen and salesmen are working in close proximity which enables all of us to work as a strong team. This close proximity promotes dialog, constant feedback and free flow of idea. It also enables our team members to learn and improve different skills at the studio. It is for this reason most of our team members, though from diverse background, can perform duties various duties. 

Our studio also has an open door policy. We find as many excuses as possible to welcome our partners and customers to visit us, learn about our work and be actively involved. We believe technology is good for business and communication but nothing can replace face-to-face interaction with our partners and customers. It not only allows them to physically experience our leather goods and appreciate our craftsmanships and quality but also allows us to learn from our customer so we can serve them better.