Manufacturing For Brands

The core business of Hammer & Smith is to design and manufacture all type of leather goods, accessories and lifestyle products for local and foreign brands. Our studio serves as a design and manufacturing partner for the brands. These brands include individual designers, small and medium size retailers, independent design studios, large consumer brands and whole sellers.

Our design teams work in collaboration with the brands to develop and deliver the final product collection. The fairly lengthy and complicated product development process starts with designing the products on paper. Ideas and thought from the customers are put to paper and once finalised, material selection process starts. Our studio maintains excellent contacts with leather tanners from around the world, allowing us to forward extensive choice of leathers to our customers to chose from. Similarly other materials like metal fittings, lining fabrics and threads are approved by the customer before starting prototyping. Prototyping process is usually repeated multiple times before a final reference prototype is created and approved by the client. Once final reference prototype is available, materials are sourced, production lot is manufactured and delivered to the customer after thorough quality inspections.

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