Leather Goods Photography

In addition to designing and manufacturing premium quality leather goods, our studio also provides leather goods lifestyle photography service. We believe that a customer is more likely to show interest in purchasing a leather product if they can physically see the article but in cases when physical touch is not possible, a well take photograph of the product increases the chances of a purchase by the customer. As online stores are now taking over the physical studio locations it is becoming vital for designers and makers to have perfect photography done for their product collections in order to assist the customers in making a purchase decision. It is for this reason  a small photography room was established at our studio to conduct in-house photography for our own brand but over that years, our photography team has been approached by our various leather goods customers to get their product photography done as well. Our studio is equipped with some of the best photography and lighting equipment which enables our photographer to take high-quality and high-resolution photographs of the products. 

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Please check our photography service rates below

10 Products Or Less  (5 Photographs Per Products)= $ 4.00 or PKR 400 Per Product.
More Than 10 Products (5 Photographs Per Product) = $ 3.00 or PKR 300 Per Product.

If you are interested in getting lifestyle photography done for your leather goods
collection, please contact our photography team using the contact form below.