Leather Embossing

Hammer & Smith provides leather embossing service to its clients. Any leather article or product purchased from Hammer & Smith can be personalised by embossing any logo or name on the product in three different shades including plain, gold and silver. Apart from individual customerS, we offer embossing services to corporate clients and other design studios as well.   

Please check our leather embossing service rates below

Name Embossing (Plain, Gold, Silver) 
Embossing Cost = $ 1.00 or PKR 100 Per Product.
Time required: One working day after the product is received.

Logo Embossing (Plain, Gold, Silver)
Block Cost = $ 35.00 or PKR 3500 
Embossing Cost = $ 1.00 or PKR 100 Per Product.
Time Required: Five working days for block making + one working day for embossing.

If you are interested in getting your leather article or products embossed, please contact us using the contact form below.