Leather Sourcing & Supply

Anyone can design a product on paper but making a quality leather product requires access to premium quality leather. Unlike fabrics sourcing leather can be complicated and requires special set of skills to identify and select required type and good quality leather. Being in the leather industry for last many years our studio has develop strong contacts with some of the best leather tanners around the world. Our studio sources, stocks and supply premium quality leathers directly from tanners which allows us control over quantity, quality and price. We stock a large variety of finished and semi finished leather articles in cow, buffalo, goat, calf, sheep and occasionally exotic leathers prepared through chrome, semi-vegetable tanning and full-vegetable tanning processes. These leathers come in a variety of finishes including milled finishes, full and natural grains, nappa finishes, glazed and gloss finishes, patent finishes, vintage, laser printed, embossed and numerous other finishes.

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