Leather Accessories Manufacturing

At Hammer & Smith our speciality is designing and manufacturing high quality leather goods and accessories. We are considered as one of the best in the industry for designing and manufacturing premium quality leather goods for individual, corporate customers and numerous local and foreign brands. These products include keychains, cardholders, wallets, bags, folders and many other products. Our studio  team of designers and leatherworkers work in tandem to develop creative solutions for bespoke projects of any scale, meeting both functional requirements and aesthetic needs. Over the last few years our manufactured products have been well received in North American and European markets sold under various independent brands names. 

Our approach to product conceptualisation, design and manufacturing is very simple and straight forward. A product from its concept to finalisation involve active participation of our customers, designers, suppliers of the materials and our craftsmen who turn that idea into physical form.  Our manufacturing process combines cutting-edge technology with age-old leather-working techniques from traditional crafts such as bag making, case-making, bookbinding and saddlery.

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