Leather Apparel Manufacturing

Our studio designs and manufactures limited collection of leather apparel for our customers as well. These customer are mostly individuals and request custom-made and bespoke apparel articles including jackets, coats, complete dresses and gloves. We manufacture all our apparel articles using finest quality leathers and lining materials. These products are designed by our apparel team in close collaboration with our craftsmen.

Our approach to apparel manufacturing is very simple and straight forward. Our designs finalise the design of the product in collaboration with the customer and then our leather craftsmen create the physical product using a mix of modern and traditional techniques. Since most of our apparel designs are for individual customer. Our clients are actively involve at every stage of the product development and are requested to test the products on various stages of development. In case of corporate clients and small batch production of apparel goods our customers work very closely with our designer for the finalisation of the product design. Once the product design is finalised, each products passes through a prototype stage before final production of the article.

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