think + design + make + sell + repeat

Do you need a place to work? do you want to start you own creative business? do you want to design and make a product? do you need a place to sell your product? do you need a place to hold your event? We are here to help. Our DESIGN LOUNGE is geared to provide you and your team with all the necessary tools, support and space to start and grow you own creative business or project. Our studio designer, product maker, business managers, curators and content creators are all available to assist and support our partners. 

Co-Working Space + Tools + Retail Space + Business Support

Our DESIGN LOUNGE provides our member with the following services:

+ Co-Working Space
+ High-speed internet
+ Air conditioned rooms
+ Spacious tables & comfortable chairs
+ Desktop computers
+ Printing facility
+ On-Demand photography / videography gear
+ Hand tools for prototype making
+ Retail space to exhibit and sell products
+ Meeting Lounge
+ Reference Books & Magazines
+ Skill Learning Workshops
+ Community Events
+ Exclusive Events
+ Rest room
+ Snacks and drinks

Select from hourly, daily or monthly pacakges

Our DESIGN LOUNGE at the studio can accommodate small teams and a number of individuals looking not only for a working space but also for assistance to start and grow their creative projects.

Our partnership / membership packages are very economical and flexible. 


The ultimate flexible workstation! Choose any spot in a shared workspace and pay as you go on a daily basis!

Key Features: Choose any available working seat. Access to all office essentials. 


Monthly membership for an unassigned desk in a shared workspace for you to use whenever you need a place to work!

Key Features: Access to all office essentials. Access to desktop computer. Access to our community events during the signup period.


Rent a specific desk of your own choosing on a monthly basis and a shelf space in the retail section of the studio.

Key Features: Permanent desk with a desk top computer. Space in retail section to sell your product. Access to our community events during the signup period.

POP-UP SHOPS - Flexible Pricing

Book a table at our retail space to market your products on hourly / daily / monthly basis. On-Demand photography of the event.

Key Features: Flexible hourly / daily or monthly rates. Access to photographer for the event coverage.  


Subject to availability and space.

Key Features: Flexible hourly or daily rates. Access to photographer for the event coverage.  

inquire about our membership

If you are interested in learning more about our DESIGN LOUNGE membership, space availability or if you have any other general queries. please write to us on the contact details given below or send us your queries using the form below.

Design Lounge: +92-335-222-77-25