think + design + make + sell + repeat

Do you need a place to work? do you want to start you own creative business? do you want to design and make a product? do you need a place to sell your product? do you need a place to hold your event? We are here to help. Our studio is geared to provide you and your team with all the necessary tools, support and space to start and grow you own creative business or project. Our studio designers, product makers, business managers, curators and content creators are all available to assist and support you. 

Workshop space + Lounge Space + retail space

Our studio space is designed to provides our community members with the following spaces on hourly / daily rental basis to hold and conduct various events. Each space is thoughtfully design and curate to help our community member to most of each planned event. 

Internet + Tools + Materials + Assistance + Coffee

Some of the features and facilities available to our community members renting our studio spaces.

- Clean, secure and accessible location.

- Multi-purpose room spaces

- High-Speed Internet

- Computer & printing facility

- Books, Magazine, Newspapers and periodicals

- Tools and materials for selective workshops

- Mineral water and refreshments including a selection of teas and coffees

- Elevator Access

- Rest Rooms

inquire about our membership

If you are interested in learning more about our rental spaces, space availability or if you have any other general queries. please write to us on the contact details given below or send us your queries using the form below.