Premium Leather Accessories Made For Your Brand

At Hammer & Smith, our primary services include designing and manufacturing premium quality leather accessories for our customers. Our studio has been developing leather accessories for a large number of national and international clients including retails brands, design houses and corporates, since last one decade.

Our Accessories department designs and manufactures all types of leather accessories in-house. These accessories include all types of leather bags, wallets, card holders, currency carriers, belts, notebooks, journals, covers, sleeves, folders, organiser etc

In addition to designing and manufacturing accessories for retails brands, corporates and other design houses, our studio designs and manufacture a large variety of leather accessories designs for wholesale purposes as well. Furthermore any excess production of studio designed products are also sold to wholesale brands and vendors at very competitive prices. These excess quantities available for wholesale include branded and no branded accessories.

Small leather products made with precision

Small and pocket sized leather goods are challenging to make. They require exceptional craftsmanship and precision. Our studio team has some of the most skill leather goods craftsmen in the country. And with their exceptional skill they hand / machine craft some of the finest quality small leather goods in the world.

Our exceptionally skilled craftsmen can hand / machine craft any type of small leather goods for our clients. Over the years we have been producing all sorts of small and pocket sized leather goods including all types of wallets, card holder, keychains, key fobs, cellphone cases, digital device covers, lighter and cigarette cases, sun glasses covers, coasters, pen cases, toy and play items, small decorative and desktop items, pocket sized notebooks, pouches and many more.

In addition to designing and manufacturing a large variety of small and pocket sized leather goods for brands, corporate and design houses, our studio manufacture large quantities of small products for wholesalers as well. These products are of same premium quality and are made with same care and precision by our production teams. Further more we also sell all our excess production and safety stocks designed and manufactured for brands, corporate and other designs studios at wholesale prices as well.

Loafers, Divers, Boat Shoes, boots ...

Our studio in collaboration with our partners, design and manufacture some of the finest quality shoes in the world. We studio can develop almost all types of casual leather leather for men. These shoes are made from premium quality leathers from both local and international tanners. 

Our shoe production team can manufacture both very large batches and can also offer small batch production solution to the clients. These shoes are manufactured using both cutting edge machinery and by using ancient handcrafting techniques.

More over our studio wholesales a large number selective designs of shoes manufactured for global retail brands. These shoes are excess production from export orders received by our production partners. The wholesale stock of shoes is also of the same premium quality and is offered to our selected wholesale partners at cost prices. 

Nothing says high-end fashion like a leather jacket

Our studio also designs and manufactures limited quantities of leather garments including jacket, coats, vests, blazers, gloves and socks for various national and international retail brands. We also make bespoke leather garments for selective clients including retails brands and individuals. Most of our leather garments are manufactured in-house while some design and products are manufactured at our partner manufacturing units around the country

Minimalistic And Functional Furniture & interiors

In addition to making quality leather goods and lifestyle products, our studio also designs and make limited edition furniture pieces for our clients including brands and individual customer. These furniture pieces are made from top quality, ethically sourced wood. Some of our furniture items are also made from reclaimed and recycled wood. These products are high-quality but are sold at very competitive prices.

We have been making interiors for private residences, commercial projects and cultural institutions in the Pakistan and around the globe, for over a decade. Working with many of the world’s leading architects and designers, our clients trust our studio to guide them through the making process, and advise on the most appropriate materials and finishes for their project.

With a reputation as the foremost authority on architectural leatherwork, we love the challenge of developing innovative solutions to complex briefs, creating work that is designed and built to last a lifetime.

Leather, Wood, Fabric, Metal and ceramics

Over the last many years our studio has been making a number of home and lifestyle products from a variety of materials including leather, wood, fabric and ceramics. Though leather and wood are our main manufacturing materials but some of our team member also specialise in making products from fabric and ceramics. In the past we have made a variety of home and lifestyle products including, leather decorative items, toys and play materials, desktop items, office goods and stationery, notebooks, journals, dining table and kitchen goods, pottery etc.

Beautifully designed, bespoke gift items

If you are looking for unique, beautifully designed gifts and giveaways, made just the way you want, then you have come to the right place. Our studio designs and manufactures gifts items and corporate giveaways for a large number of companies. These items include all types of leather bags, wallets, card holders, keychains, gift sets, notebooks, desktop items, digital covers and sleeves and decorative leather and wooden products. All gifts and giveaways designed and manufactured for our clients can be customised with a selection of lining fabrics, embossed brand or company logos and packaging options.

We Will Make Leather Goods Collection For your Brand

Manufacturing all types of leather goods including accessories, small leather goods, footwear, garments, furniture & interior, corporate gifts and giveaways and home goods and lifestyle products for retail, wholesale brands, designers, design houses and corporate clients is our primary service. We have been designing and manufacturing all these products for a large number of local and international retail and wholesale brands for the last decade. A large portion of our manufacturing is dedicated to making leather goods for export brands in USA, Canada And Europe. 

Quantity, Quality, Low Prices

Our studio has been designing and manufacturing leather goods for a large number of wholesales customer over the last decade. Our wholesale operation works on two level. Firstly we specifically design and manufacture leather goods for our dedicated wholesale clients. These wholesalers are large scale businesses, stocking and supplying all types of leather goods to retailer around the world. Secondly our studio wholesales all the excess production of designs owned by our studio from collections and lots manufactured for all our customers.