A Company Was Born

Hammer & Smith was born out of one man’s desire to get back to basics and start working with his hands again.  After many years of doing freelance designing, the need for a personal outlet…a therapy of sorts…began to show it’s face.  So he went to the studio and started to work.  And beautiful things were made.  And people asked if they could buy them and he said yes. Later he was joined by some like minded creative heads and Hammer & Smith, Inc was born.

business and pleasure

Hammer & Smith was never supposed to become a real business. We, the founders of the studio were always curious about art, design and manufacturing. We had diverse creative backgrounds, but our curiosity – to see how things work, take them apart, customise, experiment with different materials and create new things led us to start Hammer & Smith. Derived from project experiments, creating useable lifestyle products for our own use and sharing them with our friends and followers on the blog, Hammer & Smith evolved into a company known for designing, manufacturing, and supplying, premium quality, durable leather goods and high-end lifestyle products for individuals and corporate clients worldwide. That decision, to turn our past time and our hobbies into a proper business was in a response to our collective longing for a life that was closer to the vision we held in our hearts and minds. A life based on our passion and interests. A life in which business and pleasure are the same thing. 

Made Simple, Made Well, Made Honest.

The idea of Hammer & Smith evolved over the course of several years. We simply kept merging all of our interests, skills and favourite things in life until we had a business concept that started to work. A business that incorporated not only designing, crafting and supplying of high quality leather goods and lifestyle products but also creating and developing a design community, and sharing with our members, the materials and ideas to promote design and craft industry around the world. In short idea behind our design studio is very straight forward, we want to enjoy our work and want to make clean, simple, beautiful leather and lifestyle products for our customers, with focus on high quality and longevity. Hence our brand motto:

Made Simple, Made Well, Made Honest.  

Desinging, Manufacturing, Supplying

Developing products from sketch to a tangible item is a journey full of chaos and stress, finding and working with a dying breed of artisans and craftsmen is also difficult but it in the end it is equally rewarding. It makes us so happy to see the products we make for our clients, are loved an used by loyal customers around the world. Over the years we have become an expert in designing and developing leather goods and lifestyle products. It is for this reason a large number of retail and wholesale brands, design houses, corporates and individual clients rely solely on us as their DESIGN, PRODUCTION and SUPPLY partners. Hammer & Smith design studio as of today is considered as of the best in business for designing and manufacturing leather goods and lifestyle products. So if you are looking a reliable partner to work with, YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE. 

most ancient materials known to mankind

Working with natural materials is alway fun. Our studio works with two basic natural raw materials LEATHER and WOOD  which are used in various combinations to create our finest quality products. We think it’s a combination made in heaven. Both are NATURAL and SUSTAINABLE. Two of the most ANCIENT materials known to mankind. No other material can provide the versatility of leather and wood.

Leather is certainly one of the oldest natural materials known to mankind. High-Quality leather provides strength, durability and resilience, while shaping effortlessly to our needs. Unlike other manmade materials which are made quickly and have short live spans, leather is a slow materials, it takes time to make fine quality leather, its takes a lot of physical interaction to make a perfectly tanned leather skin and it is for this reason leather products may last many lifetimes. There are hundreds of variables from hide origins to tanning, tumbling, and finishing that end up in a final product that is completely unique. No two hides are the same and each batch has some variance in characteristics making each finished product truly one of a kind. Fine tanned leathers develops natural patina overtime which create a unique character of each item produced from it.

Similarly seasoned wood allows us to create products which are good quality and long lasting. We use many different varieties of ethically sourced lumber which are supplied by local suppliers and stockists. More over our studio collects, cleans and stocks, reclaimed and recycled wood from various sources as well. Recycled and reclaimed wood allows us to create high-quality products at very competitive prices.