The books we are reading at the studio now a days

June 11, 2016

Every now and then you find yourself in need of inspiration, something to push you to finish the job. Books we feel is one of the best ways to source inspiration from. While we surf the internet to read stories, watch video and look at pictures for idea, books offers something very different. You can read things in detail and understand the whole story. 

At the present we are reading these two books for much needed inspiration. The first one is 'Zero to One' a book by Blake Masters and Peter Thiel sharing their notes about their startup and ventures. Sharing their stories and their learnings. The second one is called 'Cabin Porn' by Steven Leckart and Zach Klein a hybrid formate between a photobook and personal story book. It is based on the blog run by Zach Klein sharing cabin pictures from around world. 

Both books though are poles apart on topics and format but a must read for the creative heads and those working in the design industry.


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